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Helgi Gíslason (born 1947) is an Icelandic sculptor whose career spans 40 years. He studied at the Valand School of Fine Arts at the University of Gothenburg and has exhibited his works in a number of countries. Helgi has won a number of awards and grants and his work is collected by prominent museums and foundations. Broadly, his work is aligned with mainstream 21st Century 3D Art. Helgi’s works span a wide spectrum from drawings to large sculptures. Monumental works in public space make up a large part of his portfolio. Helgi uses a variety of different materials to communicate his artistic designs and operates his own bronze smelter.

Helgi Gíslason, 

Address: Hjálmholt 10,

105 Reykjavík, Iceland

Tel.: 00354 5687605.

Studio: Gufunes, Iceland

Mobile: 00354 8973461.